Dave Galloway

Divorce is a tough process for anyone, but having a good, sound, professional attorney certainly helps. I sought advice from a few attorneys before going with John Kinney, and I was very pleased with his representation. John listened well, gave me realistic expectations, and helped me concentrate on the process instead of the emotion of the situation.

After the initial consultation, John kept me focused on the facts and the process. We did not waste billable hours talking about fault or blame, what is fair and not fair or the issues that led to the divorce in the first place. At that point, I didn’t need a counselor anymore, I needed an experienced attorney that is well respected and knows how to get things done. I also appreciated that while John was being tough and fighting on my behalf, he was also respectable and professional to everyone associated with the case.

In the end, I was very well represented, and got a fair settlement, including the time with my kids that was my highest priority. I will continue to work with John on any subsequent modifications, and I certainly recommend John Kinney for anyone in need of a family court attorney.