Murdoch v. Bennett v. Bennett, S-15-75 (Supreme Court of Nebraska)

Murdoch v. Bennett v. Bennett, S-15-75

Bryan Murdoch brought a paternity action against Ms. Bennett, a married woman who had become pregnant during the midst of the parties’ affair. After becoming pregnant, Mr. Murdoch inquired several times whether he was the father of the child and was told he was not. The minor child was born in 2004. Mr. Murdoch and Ms. Bennett resumed an affair again in 2012 and Mr. Murdoch requested a DNA test be performed to determine if he was the child’ s biological father. A DNA test performed at an Omaha, Nebraska, medical center revealed a 99.9% chance that Mr. Murdoch was the child’s biological father. The District Court of Cass County, Nebraska held that the statute of limitations barred Mr. Murdoch’s paternity action.