Areas of Practice

Our Areas of Practice

Divorce is different here. We help the healing process move forward because our focus is on you. We’re not just great advocates for what’s best for you and your family, we’re also great listeners.

We practice divorce law very differently from other law firms. While providing aggressive and creative representation for your Nebraska divorce you’ll quickly notice that we DON’T provide the type of lawyering that escalates conflict. Divorce is hard. We take a constructive, solution-oriented approach to all of our cases. Make no mistake, we are very willing to pack our briefcases and go to court if that’s what’s needed. We understand that we walk a fine line in this regard, but we also believe that divorce is life-altering and that you deserve representation that provides you with a variety of options and techniques for getting the case closed.

A few more differences about Kinney Mason

We do not bill hourly, but instead focus our attention each day on moving your Nebraska divorce case forward. We will agree in writing on all of your fees before your case even begins. There will be no surprises with your bill and no fear in contacting our office because of what it may cost. We use some of the best client-management software and communication technologies available for Nebraska divorces. Our staff is devoted to providing you with good information and a high level of service as your case.

Driven by our entrepreneurial spirit, bound by innovation, and not held back by tradition. We continue to redefine the way law is practiced.

We understand that there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to corporate services. We also understand that the culture of business is changing. We have incorporated numerous businesses, including many startups in recent years. It’s exciting to watch the landscape of business change and it’s helped us forge a unique approach to serving our business clients. A few more differences about Kinney Mason Our approach includes providing advice concerning the type of business organization that is appropriate for your needs (including consideration of tax treatment and the need for flexibility as the business grows). We understand that a startup business is not in a position to spend large amounts on legal fees so we treat our small business clients like we are “partners” in a very serious but very exciting new venture. We have the experience and background to assist in many ways, including our recent involvement with the very perplexing problems associated with partners/owners departing the new venture and business break-ups.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we are not just litigators, although litigation experience certainly helps when consulting new business owners. You can rest assured that we know what type of entity you should form for your new business and we understand what banking and tax advice you need to get a good.

It starts with a conversation. We’ll take the time to get to know you, your needs, and goals so that your plan works just as well today as it does in the future.

Kinney Mason provides tailored estate plans that meet the unique needs and desires of our clients. Whether you are in need of a basic will, durable powers of attorney, or a comprehensive wealth transfer plan, our team is dedicated to designing the proper estate plan that meets our client’s individual needs Effective estate planning requires expertise in drafting proper documents, powers of attorney, comprehension of tax law, and understanding of the consequences of financial transactions. Through years of experience and preparing thousands of estate plans, our team is uniquely qualified to assist our clients in successfully achieving their objectives.

A few more differences about Kinney Mason

In addition to preparing estate plans, we represent clients regarding post-death administration of trusts and estates. We understand the difficulty of losing a loved one and treat our clients with the utmost respect and compassion while assisting them through the legal procedures. In addition, we represent guardians and conservators with the process of appointment and management of the personal and financial needs of minors and incapacitated persons.

While we may lack the headcount of some larger firms, we guarantee that you will know every lawyer representing you, as well as precisely what each lawyer is doing every step of the way.

Each lawsuit is unique. We never take a cookie-cutter approach to what we do. Regardless of your motive or goals, our attorneys have the experience that provides us the ability to handle all of your litigation needs.

Who would have thought that a small law firm in Omaha, Nebraska would become one of the nation’s leading experts in privacy.

Our experience with privacy issues developed as a result of many years “in the trenches” of divorce litigation.* There has been an explosion of tracking, surveillance, and recording of individuals in divorce cases (and by private individuals, generally). There are now hundreds of websites selling products that monitor, record, and/or warehouse the private information and private behavior of individuals. This website was created in an effort to resist the overwhelming flood of technology which is being used to invade our privacy.

Wiretap Litigation

Wiretap litigation was brought to light recently in a Nebraska case known as Lewton et al. v. Divingnzzo et al. This federal case can be found at 772 F.Supp.2d 1046 (D. Neb., 2011).** The case represents one of, if not the only, reported significant judgment against individuals for violation of the federal wiretap act arising out of a custody dispute. The facts involved a mother, who, with the assistance of her father (the child’s grandfather), secretly recorded the biological father of her toddler child using the child’s teddy bear. Since that time, the founder of has offered expert testimony and litigated wiretap cases and GPS (invasion of privacy) cases in Nebraska and other states.

You can send us your privacy issue via email for legal analysis. We will confidentially research your phone, GPS, computer or tracking/recording device issue and give you a speedy opinion on what your rights might be.

Gregg's Story

"John was a true professional. I really liked the fee based work. I knew what it would cost up front. I highly recommend John and his staff."

Mark's Story

"I initially sought an attorney from a large firm, thinking it was the way to go. Unfortunately it not only cost me time and money, but it put me at a real disadvantage in my case. After switching to Kinney Mason, John and his team aggressively moved to fight for my rights. They took the time to fully understand my case and gave me representation that was second to none."

"Kinney Mason aggressively fought for my rights as a father. I could not recommend anyone higher."

Steve's Story

"I was referred to John Kinney by another lawyer who told me John and his staff are very sharp and dedicated. I contacted John about a post-divorce court ordered settlement which he agreed to handle for me. John and his partner Jill Mason pursued this matter and stayed on top of it aggressively representing my best interests as the legal battle ensued and became more complex."

Not your typical law firm.

Driven by our desire to serve, bound by innovation – not tradition. We continue to redefine the way law is practiced.