Zelenka v. Pratte, 200 Neb. 100 (2018) (Supreme Court of Nebraska)

Zelenka v. Pratte, 200 Neb. 100 (2018) (Supreme Court of Nebraska):

Jill M. Mason represented Mr. Zelenka in filing a claim against a former same-sex partner for the return of certain personal property, including a French bulldog named Princess Pot Roast (a/k/a Pavlov). During the parties’ relationship, the couple lived together in a house owned by Mr. Pratte. After approximately five years of living together, the parties agreed to take a break to reevaluate their relationship with Mr. Zelenka temporarily moving out of the parties’ home. Upon returning to the home a week after their separation Mr. Zelenka found the locks on the house changed and he was unable to retrieve his personal property, including his beloved bulldog. Ms. Mason successfully litigated this case at the trial court level where the District Court of Douglas County, Nebraska determined Mr. Zelenka was the rightful owner of the bulldog and ordered Mr. Pratte to return the dog to Mr. Zelenka within forty-eight (48) hours. Mr. Pratte appealed the trial court’s decision and the Nebraska Supreme Court picked up the case. Ms. Mason successfully presented her oral argument to the Supreme Court of Nebraska proving that the bulldog was given to Mr. Zelenka as a gift. The Court ordered that Princess Pot Roast be returned to Mr. Zelenka, along with other items in dispute including a leather couch, two table lamps, and a French bulldog table lamp.

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